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First Entry!


I joined a while ago and this is my first post..... on News Years Eve! I ♥ symbols of all kinds to death and when ever I can find new ones I go crazy with happiness. I also like different languages and the different writing systems they use to and so that has alot to do with my love for symbols and the like.

Don't thing any of these have been posted yet but these are some of my favorites atm:


✿ ❁

I tend to use the first one alot in my journals.

Letters & Letter Like Symbols:

ℒ ℇ ℈ ℰ Ⅎ ℨ ℑ ℔ ℮ ℊ ℧ ℓ ℱ

I love all of these because they're so pretty! I'll post more but in the mean time tell me what you think!
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